Show Up Media— A New Educational-Video Left Wing Initiative

I don’t know about you, but I feel there is a serious lack of eye catching left wing visual media and as a millennial with a low-key Youtube addiction and an interest in progressive change, I need more of that!

Show Up Media is a project set up for that explicit purpose. We will create informative, beautiful and galvanising content to help bring about meaningful change, so settle in and we’ll get down to it: what the project is, why it is needed and what happens next.

What Is The Project?

On the Informative Content — the channel, we will discuss organising methods, support grassroots causes, and promote action. Partnering with activists and experts to develop these conversations. The videos (and blogs) will be roughly segmented into the categories: organising methods, structural and political change, mass movements, and cooperativism + alternative economics.

It is important to me to not only educate but also to Galvanising Viewers. We want to hyper-charge a network of emerging activists, to share useful skills and knowledge for coming up against powerful states and capitalist tycoons. As well as being an informative platform and somewhere to hear diverse voices, the channel will be a springboard for viewers to engage in meaningful action.

Eye-catching Presentation is vital to my learning process, podcasts and books just don’t cut it — and I’m sure I am not alone in feeling this way. Show Up Media will collaborate with animators and creatives to create eye-catching, memorable and entertaining videos, that you will want to share, and will fill a gap in the online leftwing community. We aspire to the visual quality, recognisability and uniqueness of channels like kurzgesagt, school of life and others.

Our Core Values

I oppose structural oppression and embrace diversity; I see it as my duty to show solidarity and support those who are being marginalised.

I are internationalists and cooperators; I see the UK as part of the international community and know that it needs to be an active and progressive part of it.

I value both evidence and lived-experience based and humble; I want to be the best I can, but know that I am still fallible. By evolving my practice iteratively I hope to build on my previous successes and failures to create great content.

So Why Is This All Needed?

In the UK we live in a predominantly conservative/ right wing society. Out of the last 100 years, roughly 70 of them have seen the right wing Conservative party in power and the majority of our media is owned by the right wing tycoon Rupert Murdock, not to mention how libertarian social media barons like Mark Zuckerberg are unwilling to take responsibility for the disproportionate engagement and promotion by their algorithms of reactionary right wing content.

But What Is There Already?

Of the training organisations: Momentum UK, Campaign Bootcamp, Seed for Change etc, none of them have extensive educational, well produced and free video content online. Which I always thought was quite odd. Of the content that is online a lot of it feels inaccessible, as it is hidden away in large PDFs or scattered on various websites or online courses.

And What Is Missing?

Searching for organising methods content

Searching for mass movements content

Searching for structural and political change content

Searching for cooperativism and alternative economic content

What Happens Next?

To get this to work I need to build our team. At the moment it is me in my parent’s basement, working alone and calling in favours from friends, but I want this to grow into a real force to be reckoned with. I want to support and grow a team of class writers, animators, activists and academics.

For this reason the first step on our road to completing our goals is to start releasing my idea through the medium of blogs. Through this I hope to further develop the concept, develop content for future videos, garner a following and source funding to use to hire creatives who will help to create the videos.

If any of you know any animators that might be interested in working on a project like this. Please get them to reach out to me.

A graduate living in his parents basement searching for hope and optimism through blogging, teaching and innovating